Andries Posthumus, BME’s AXXIS™ Global Electronic Initiation Systems Development Manager

Omnia company BME has added another string to its technology bow, filling out its popular AXXIS™ electronic detonation range with the AXXIS™ Centralised Electronic Blasting System (CEBS).

According to Ralf Hennecke, Managing Director at BME, AXXIS™ CEBS is another demonstration of the company’s commitment to constantly evolving its technology offerings, to ensure that the latest and best products are available to its customers.

“AXXIS™ CEBS is a premium digital detonator system for initiating explosives, augmenting our popular AXXIS™ Titanium system for large deep-hole surface operations, and AXXIS™ Silver for smaller blasting operations,” said Hennecke. “It also represents the safest initiation technology available globally.”

He highlighted that the AXXIS™ CEBS initiation system was designed for use in both general and specialised underground mining environments, being fully programmable, accurate and easy to use.

Andries Posthumus, BME’s AXXIS™ Global Electronic Initiation Systems Development Manager, explained that the AXXIS™ CEBS system allows for two-way communication to take place in real time, with an electronic device initiating each blast by means of an electronic starter. The system compromises a blast controller on surface that monitors and reports all data and activities quickly and transparently. AXXIS™ CEBS includes a logging device which is used underground at the blasting face to log the detonators and conduct the necessary test functions.

“Information from the logger is transferred to a blasting box and on to the control box, which manages the entire blasting process from the surface,” said Posthumus. “AXXIS™ CEBS is designed for enhanced control, precision and safe blasting – with enhanced safety, ease of use and flexibility.”

Ralf Hennecke, BME MD

He emphasised that, as the newest generation of AXXIS™ technology, CEBS also makes the logging and testing of detonators more efficient. By creating a central point for blasting, it allows users to save time when setting up and conducting blasts.

“The system features full two-way communications, allowing better monitoring of the entire blast process from the lock stage through to initiation,” he said. Components of the AXXIS™ CEBS system include an AXXIS™ UG Logger, AXXIS™ CEBS Key Logger, AXXIS™ CEBS Blasting Box and BME’s Blastmap™ Underground blast design software. It is supported by BME’s AXXIS™ electronic delay detonators, which use two-core double insulated downline cables and achieve higher resistance to electrostatic discharge and high induced ground currents for greater safety.

Hennecke noted that BME’s leading technology innovations are powerfully combined with its wide range of technical services, making the company a global blasting partner of choice for a growing number of blue chip mining operations.